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Michael Gregorjev Murn (b. 1994) is a hyper-creative artist and businessman. He is involved in painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, poetry, writing, visual communications, sculpting and other sorts of art. We can find over 5.000 artworks in his opus – everything from abstract graphics and paintings, drawings, sculptures, to poetry books, philosophical essays, photographs and other pieces. He has had over 40 individual exhibitions and has participated in over 100 collective ones. So far, he has published 5 books and has taken part in many international exhibitions. His works of art are owned by presidents, mayors of several European cities, ambassadors, honorary consoles and several company chairmen of board.

Michael Gregorjev Murn is also a businessman – he is the President of AAMI Corporation which combines various companies and brands. The business group has activities in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, India, China and other countries. Michael Gregorjev Murn has been successfully running the company Institute Atelje Art Murn International (AAMI) for several years now. He is Art Director at Mega-Graf Ltd. company and Director of MGM International Business company. Alongside that, he is also the Responsible Leader of ART Expo Ljubljana, Chief Editor of AAMI Times newspaper and the President of AAMI Foundation. He is the Founder and President of the private business Botticelli club and of the public cultural Salvador club, which include more than 400 members combined.


Along with his business career, he is also a lecturer of history thematic, business processes, motivational themes and the developer of new brand concepts on an international scale. Miha Murn is a member of over 20 associations, organisations and business clubs, which function towards welfare of social security, charity, business networking and international diplomatic relations. Among others, he is board advisor at The India Advantage Summit, member of Global Chamber of Business Leaders, member of The United Nations Association of Slovenia, Cultural Attache of Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club, President of International Relations Diplomacy Council at YES, and member of several other organisations. In 2021 he has been appointed as Founding President of Rotary Club Ljubljana International and as a Knight of Carantanian Order of Saint George.

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